highschool awards

For my high school class, I chose to go with the “Best in the Class” award. Why? Well, this is the only class that I’ve ever been in where the teacher actually assigns some sort of “Best in the Class” award.

Well, because it was the only award that I had to choose from.

Well, I know this one. It’s a really stupid award. I mean, a highschool award does not have to be a joke, and a lot of the people that participate in these awards are actually really good. My best friend is a senior, and he has just done well in everything he has ever done, and I have just done well in everything I have ever done.

This award is just a joke. This award is a joke because the only award that has ever been given to me is to one of my friends. I don’t know that I’m the best in the class. I probably should have been the best in the class, but I was distracted by a better highschool award.

The only thing I ever expected to win was to get a trophy. What I got was a trophy. The only award that I won was a trophy. And I was like “oh, I guess I am a trophy.” I actually kind of like trophies. They’re cool. I just wanted to be a trophy.

The only reason I could get a trophy was to have a new game in my life. The game I wanted to play was a highschool game. It was a game that my dad played before he was born. I liked it.

I want to be a trophy. I want to be a trophy. I want to be a trophy. I want to be a trophy. I want to be a trophy.

I’ve heard that trophy awards are a little different, but I don’t think I’ve seen one personally, so I’m not sure what it is.

A trophy could be a piece of memorabilia that is tied to a high school sport and is awarded for that specific sport. For example, a high-school football trophy is awarded only to the winner of that specific game. For example, a basketball basketball team is awarded only once for that particular game. A hockey team is awarded only once for that particular game. If you want someone to give you a trophy, you have to request it.

I think a trophy for a high school sport is a great idea. And if we are talking about sports, it would be perfect to have a trophy for our school’s sports. It would represent just how much we appreciate our school’s athletics and the fact that someone gave it to us. If I was to choose between a basketball trophy for basketball and a football trophy for football, I would go with the football trophy. I think its a great idea.

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